Because One Ministries

Staci is the Founder of Because One Ministries, serving sexual assault survivors in the Birmingham, AL area and educating churches across the country on how to best support survivors. You can read more about Because One Ministries below, or visit 

"Because one person acted.
Because one person loved.
Because one person cared.
Because one person was kind.
Because one person spoke up.
Because one person listened.
Because one person acted, a life was changed.
And ultimately, because One went to the cross, we are rescued."

Because One Ministries will seek to be a bridge to allow the church to stand in the gap for sexual assault survivors; to stand by them, to love them, to listen to them, to support them, and to be a voice against sexual violence.

The main goal of Because One Ministries will be to provide opportunities for the church to support survivors of sexual assault. My work and research in this area has shown me that this is an area where there isn't a lot of specific active church involvement, but our prayer is that by providing opportunities to serve in this area, that will change.
Long term goals at this point include providing free Christian counseling for survivors who would prefer Christian counseling (by professionals educated on rape culture and its damaging effects), a mentor program, education and training for church leaders on responding to individuals if they disclose an assault, and education for youth.

We are in the early planning stages and greatly appreciate your prayers and support during this process.