Thursday, July 6, 2017

Innx Non-Slip Quilted Waterproof Cargo Liner *Review*

I love our sweet little Schnauzer, August, but sometimes he likes to get messy and sometimes he likes to leave his hair behind like a trail of bread crumbs which isn't always the best look for my car. 

The Innx Non-Slip Quilted Waterproof Cargo Liner is here to solve that problem for the back of our vehicle. Now, normally August rides up front but there have been times that we have gone to the park and he's found some mud or water to get into and I wasn't exactly thrilled about him sitting on my lap  or my seats (or even the floor for that matter) and I would find myself scrambling to wrap him up in a towel and trying to keep him from wriggling out of it. 

I've thought about trying a cargo liner before, but they looked like a pain to put in and I just haven't taken the plunge to get one and try it. I was super surprised at how easy it was to install the Innx Liner. You simply wrap the straps around the headrests of your back seat and adjust them so that the liner is the correct height for your vehicle. Then you place the velcro from the sides onto the sides of your cargo space and that's it. It's seriously that easy and took me about two minutes total.

This product is well worth the price and is quality material that is apparently comfortable as well because August made himself right at home as you can see.

I love that it has extra length for you to pull down over your bumper to prevent little claws from scratching your bumper as they jump in. As I was installing this I realized that not only is it great for protecting my car from a little furball who has gotten into water or mud, but it was also be great for him to relax on when we visit our local drive in theater. 

*I received this product in exchange for an honest review via All opinions expressed in this post are my own. 

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