Sunday, February 12, 2017

Today We Played

I find it so easy sometimes to get caught up in everything that needs to be done. My to-do list seems never ending and sometimes, if I try to look ahead more than a few days, it feels a tad overwhelming.
Can you relate? Are you right there with me?
We just moved and I've been almost in robotic mode trying to get everything out of boxes and in its place. Today I finally realized that I am exhausted. I came home from church and fell fast asleep before I had even had lunch.
When I woke up to some news about a dear friend that wasn't what I had hoped for and begged God for, perspective kind of hit me. Everything in the house is going to get put away, just maybe not in our first week here. 

So, I went to the kitchen and sat down with my girls and helped them address their Valentine cards for school. We sat in the art room and colored pictures. They got on their bikes and I walked with them while they rode up and down our neighborhood. The soccer ball was kicked up and down our yard. Cathleen took a few rides on my back and we tried to entice a neighbor's cat to come near enough to the fence for us to say "hi". 
Laughs were abundant. Smiles were contagious. Everyone was having fun together.
Not long after we came inside a flood of rain came beating down on the windows and we all said how thankful we were that we were able to enjoy the time outside before it rained. And it hit me, that to-do list will still be here tomorrow. 
But one tomorrow, Cathleen won't want to kick the soccer ball with me anymore. One day a tomorrow will come when Audrey would rather spend time with her friends than in the art room with mom. One day a tomorrow will arrive and neither of them will be fighting for my attention. So today, the to-do list had to wait a few hours. Today, we played.
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