Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Weekend Fun

Audrey and I got up early this morning and headed to the animal shelter to love on the dogs and take pictures of some of them. Audrey made friends with a sweet little pit bull named Blondie and Blondie seemed to love her too--her tail was just a wagging!

Her daddy had told her we'd go fishing this afternoon so she talked about that all morning and that's where we headed after lunch. It was NOT a good day for fishing--there is a storm blowing in and it was way too windy for the fish to bite. But Audrey was satisfied anyway so it was ok. I did learn something today: seventy-eight degrees feels like two hundred degrees when you're pregnant.

I was hot and miserable soon after arriving. I think I'll find a good little fan for future fishing trips this year--maybe a few ice packs too!

Brent told Audrey he didn't know many people who went fishing with a bow in her hair. I reminded him soon he would have two of them fishing diva style!


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