Wednesday, September 17, 2014

One of those Days

You ever have one of those days that just isn't your day? I mean, we had a great morning. We went to check on Cate and she is growing perfectly and right on track. Had a good afternoon at work. Then, I left. I won't bore you with details, but I lost something really important that apparently grew legs and walked away--ran into someone who was probably having a bad afternoon too (at least I'm telling myself that's why they were so rude) and as much as I didn't want to, I ignored it. But I'm the type that when I lose something, it will eat away at me until I find it. So needless to say since I didn't find what I lost, its been bugging me ALL night. I've spent most of the evening looking for it and now I'm trying not to stress and just come to terms with the fact that its lost and hoping someone finds it and calls.

Anyway, now that I've bored you to death, I'll make my point. You know what has finally calmed my nerves? Scripture. It has an amazing way of bringing around that peace that nothing else can. I found myself at a verse that I visit often and is very familiar to me (which should probably tell me something).

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6-7

Do not worry about ANYTHING. I find that I quote this scripture to myself on a daily basis, yet it seems to be the one I have the hardest time applying. I am a worrier and I know that is one of my weaknesses in my faith. As much as I don't want to admit it sometimes, if I am worrying, I'm not trusting in Him. It is something I have to pray about daily and hand over to Him or I would waste every day away worrying when I should be trusting in Him.

This is a daily battle for me everyday with my pregnancy. Since losing Barrett, worry has been an understatement this go around. Even now that I constantly feel Cate moving, I worry. I will worry until she is alive in my arms, and even then I will worry. It's something I have to give hand over to Him every single day and trust that He is watching over my little girl and that everything that unfolds in our future is part of His perfect plan. The planner has to remember that while my plans can fail, His plan is always perfect.

I wanted so bad to complain about my afternoon. But after reading that, I found that the more I thought about the blessings in my life, the more calm I became and that peace that only He can give started to flood me all over again. Today, I'm going to challenge you to think of at least ten things in your life right now that you are thankful for--ten specific things. Here's mine:

1. I am thankful that I am drowning in God's grace and for the salvation He gives; that no matter how bad I screw up, He is still there waiting for me to come running back to Him.

2. I am thankful to be married to my best friend and to know what it's like to spend every day with the love of my life and know that God's perfect plan was for us to walk through this life together.

3. I am thankful for all of my children. Audrey who makes me laugh every single day without fail--the most remarkable child that I've ever met. Barrett who has taught me so much and gives me one more thing to look forward to in heaven. Cate, who reminds me what it's like to have hope.

4. I'm thankful for an amazing job that I love to go to everyday. I can't describe what it's like to have a job where no matter how hard you try, you couldn't find something to complain about--it's all good.

5. I'm thankful for my mommy who listens to my rants when I need that "girl talk" or like today when I knew she would understand my freaking out because, well, I got it honest.

6. Specifically today, I'm thankful for my husband again who is willing to do anything for me. Like today, when he drove all the way to the store to help me look for the item I lost and spent an hour in the heat looking with me.

7. I'm thankful for the opportunity to share Barrett's story everyday; from Barrett's Blankets, to the blog, to the book that is doing better than I could have imagined, and all the way down to the person who saw the magnet on my car today and asked about him.

8. I'm thankful for my friends I talk to every day without fail (you know who you are and you are truly blessings in my life). 

9. I'm thankful for living in a small southern town--this hit me again today when random strangers started helping me look for what I lost outside in the heat today.

10. I'm extra thankful for the baby girl who is kicking my ribs right now as I type this reminding me that she is doing fine :)

What are you thankful for today? Are you worrying about something? Let it go.


  1. Your post made me cry. I've been having a rough week. Nothing terrible has happened; I've just felt unusually down a few times. I'm usually a very positive person. We're facing some big changes in our family...we just don't know what the result is going to be and when it will happen. We could know as early as Monday, and I'm praying that we do. I'm trying to give it to God, and not worry (and I've been doing pretty well at it), but the longer this drags on without an answer, the harder it's going to be for me.

  2. What a lovely post. <3

    Thank you for the inspiration!

    I am thankful for my mom and the fact we are celebrating on Saturday that she is CANCER FREE!

  3. One of my favorite quotes is: "Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough." ~Oprah Winfrey. We have so much more then we realize and we take it all for granted. Your post is a great reminder to just be thankful everyday for what you have!

  4. How cute! love all the pics! thank you so much for sharing!

  5. I am glad you were able to find comfort in scripture. It is hard to find peace when we are having bad days. I am thankful for my girls every single day and try to remember that when I am losing patience!

  6. Thanks for sharing such a inspiring post! Scripture is the best place to find peace on hard/frustrating days!!!

  7. Well written, beautiful post! Celebrate life!

  8. Staci, My week has been crazy! If I told you everything that has went on you would not even believe it, so I wont bother. While I have walked around all week stressed, you're right, I need to be focused on what I am thankful for the most! Thanks!


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