Tuesday, July 15, 2014

No Shampoo: Week 1

Well, as of today I have successfully completed week one of "no shampoo".
Here is my hair diary, thus far:
Day 1: On day one, I washed my hair with baking soda and then conditioned with apple cider vinegar (both very diluted with water). My hair was AMAZINGLY soft and easy to manage. The best part was ZERO tangles in my hair after the shower. I could brush right through it with ease which also meant less breakage. My hair was not oily today.
Day 2: On day two I washed my hair with only water. I have heard that the baking soda CAN dry your scalp so I decided to only use it every other day during this transition period. My hair was slightly oily on day two but not NEAR what I was expecting.
Day 3: My hair was slightly oily again today but not so much that I couldn't wear it down. The only reason I wore a ponytail this day was because I realized that I missed a spot when straightening my hair and it was driving me crazy so I pulled it back.
Days 4-7 I will summarize since they were relatively the same. My hair was worn in a ponytail. It was too oily for me to comfortably wear down, but again, not near what I have been expecting it to be.
The oily hair is expected since my hair has to balance itself out after decades of shampoo stripping it and causing it to over produce oils. So, to report after week one, my hair is doing as expected, although the oiliness is horrible right now. The BEST thing I am loving so far is the fact that I don't ever have tangles in my hair anymore. Amazing. That makes life easier plus it means I have less breakage.
I'll report back again next week!
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