Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hair Diary: Week 2

It's been two weeks since I ditched my shampoo (hopefully for good!). As with my other posts, I want this to be a completely honest journey.

So, in saying that, day 8 SUCKED. My hair was crazy oily. Even my ponytail looked awful. But I committed to at least thirty days and I pushed through that awful hair day.

Day 8--this picture does no justice for how bad it was.
When Day 9 came around, it was MUCH better. There was a huge improvement and I actually wore my hair down.

Day 9
Day 10 was another ponytail, but the oiliness was just average. It wasn't very noticeable.

On day 11, I was able to wear my hair down again. (woo-hoo!). It was slightly oily but nothing super noticeable.

When day 12 came around, I was back to a ponytail, but again, the oiliness wasn't bad.

Day 13 also saw my hair down.

Day 13
Day 14 was a decent ponytail.

Are you noticing a pattern? On the days I wash it with baking soda and apple cider vinegar, I can wear it down just fine. On the days i wash it with just water, it has to go in a ponytail. Again, the oiliness is not near what I was expecting so far. Honestly, I was anticipating a lot of days like "day 8". So far, so good and I am going strong!

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  1. Bakingsoda is reeeeeeeally bad for your hair. For the science behind that google the dirty hippy homemaker and read the post on bakingsoda in hair. to summarize, you are using something way too alkaline in your hair and are damaging it very badly.


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