Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Why our Elf on the Shelf *doesn't* Make Messes

I apologize in advance if I offend anyone because that is not my intention. I simply want to share why our Elf on the Shelf doesn't make messes.
If you come into my home during the month of December, you will find Buddy the Elf happily perched somewhere throughout our home. Audrey can quickly show you where he is because we have to find him first thing every morning.
You may find Buddy reading a book, or playing with one of Audrey's toys, but there are some things that you will never find him doing. He won't have rolled any room in my home with toilet paper or streamers. You won't find anyone's underwear hanging from the tree that Buddy placed there. There won't be snow angels in the flour or anything else that Mommy has to clean up. I just refuse. And it's not just because I don't want to clean it up. It's just not the message that I personally want to send to my children.
To me, it portrays a message that being mischievous and making messes in the house is cute and funny. You don't agree? Do you get onto your elf for making a mess? Does he have to immediately clean it up himself? Or do you laugh and joke about what that silly elf did?
I just can't be ok with sending the message to my children that it is ok and funny to make messes in the house and cause chaos.
Before you say anything, I'm not a party pooper. I have seen some ADORABLE things people have done with their elves that did not make a huge mess or cause mischief throughout. I've seen these elves reading books to other toys, or leaving the kids a note to say he missed them. I've seen the elf leave a picture of himself in a frame to go with the family pictures in the house. There are so many awesome things to do that are cute, fun, and send a good message.
I love some of the suggestions found HERE
What has your elf been up to this year?
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