Tuesday, August 6, 2013

34 Weeks {Bumpdate}

On Sunday I hit 34 weeks in this pregnancy. Only 6 weeks to go and I am READY! Well, physically I am ready. I still have some things to do before she gets here, so she definitely needs to hold on at least four more weeks!
Last week we got her car seat properly installed alongside Audrey's and this weekend I packed my hospital bag except for her clothes which I am washing to pack as well.
Having two car seats in my car and that hospital bag sitting there ready to go are making this even more real! I am so excited and admittedly, still nervous even though we have made it this far. Hopefully I can breathe once I am finally holding my precious rainbow baby.
At this point in my pregnancy, Cate loves to use my ribs as monkey bars. She puts her feet on my ribs and pushes (and boy is she strong). I think she does it because she knows it will make me squirm!
She has "dropped" and I can finally breathe again, although my bladder is now paying the consequences.
My cravings lately? Still milk. Other than that, I just eat whatever for the most part. I have craved grapes a few times though and I can pack them down!!!
Six more weeks--the countdown is on!
Due Date is Sept 15--get your guesses in now--when do you think she will be born?
Enter your guesses HERE using the game name "GuessesForCate"
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