Tuesday, July 9, 2013

*Husband Love*

Nothing like pregnancy to make you feel extra grateful for your husband. Seriously, he has been *amazing*.
I don't cook much anyway, but lately it's like not at all. My back hurts too much to even get up to get a drink some days and here is my lovely husband bringing it to me without a complaint. Not only does he cook, but a lot of times, he even fixes my plate so I don't have to get up. Yes, yes I am spoiled.
This pregnancy has not been easy on me emotionally or physically. Carrying a baby after loss is emotionally hard and physically I just don't have the same body I had five years ago when I was pregnant with Audrey.
The other day I caught myself complaining about one of my pregnancy pains and I remember telling him "I'm sorry if I whine all the time. I just hurt all over." and his words to me were "You are growing a human. That's not supposed to be easy." I could have squeezed him with the biggest hug ever (if my belly would have allowed it).
I couldn't ask for a more caring and understanding husband. He seriously goes above and beyond every single day to make it easier on me. I am so blessed that God sent me this man and not only do I love being his wife, but I love watching him as the father of my children.
*Love you*
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  1. Awhh. This is so sweet:) My husband has been the same way!

  2. That is the sweetest story! How lucky you are to have a husband that is sympathetic to the growing pains of creating a human!! Way to go! <3


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