Wednesday, May 1, 2013

So {Happy} Together

Last month (can't believe it's May!), Brent and I celebrated the anniversary of our marriage. I can remember being a kid and never understanding the true meaning of the phrase "Where does time go?". As a child you feel like time is dragging even though it's actually flying by--you just won't realize it until years later.
Now, I truly understand it. Another year has come and gone and all I can think is "Where in the world does the time go?".
Brent and I spent the weekend after our anniversary taking pictures together and enjoying a sit down dinner just the two of us (which you parents know doesn't happen unless you make special plans for it!). This time last year, it was just Brent, Audrey, and myself. Barrett hadn't made his presence known.
Now, a year later, we are expecting our third child. (We don't waste any time!). Seriously though, I can't imagine being any happier. Even on my worst days where I am overwhelmed with missing my little boy, I am still incredibly happy and thankful. I know he is watching down on his little sister, and even though he can't be a big brother to her here, he is still doing his job as big brother.
A couple of weeks after we celebrated another year together, Brent was able to feel Cate kick--something he was never able to do with Barrett. My heart melted as I saw how happy he was to feel her little movements that I am now able to treasure on a daily basis.
Another year--it wasn't an easy one. We went through some of the lowest of lows between losing Barrett, my Paw Paw, and Landon. But looking back, the thought that overwhelms me is how incredibly blessed we have been. Even through the loss of our son we have been blessed--by God's goodness to us, the kindness of strangers, and the friends Barrett has brought into our lives.
There is no one else I would rather walk through the ups and downs of this life with than my husband. He is my rock and my better half. I love you!
Thank you Chelsea Busby Photography for doing such a great job with our pictures!

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