Friday, May 3, 2013

Maternity Wear on a Budget

I know I have readers who are expecting a little one right along with me and I love hearing updates from you on your little beans!
If you are expecting, have had a child in the last few years, or even paid attention to maternity clothes at all, you know they are downright expensive. Pregnant women end up spending an astronomical amount of money if they are like I was when I was pregnant with Audrey and think you have to buy actual maternity clothes.
Well, you live and you learn. Early to mid pregnancy you can usually find "regular" tops that are just loose fitting. Combine this with a belly band that allows you to wear your regular pants and you will save a ton of money during the stage of pregnancy where you aren't quite big enough for maternity clothes, but your pre-pregnancy clothes are way too snug.
(A lot of people have asked me where I got my belly band since a lot of Motherhood Maternity stores have been closing. You can order them from their website, but I found them half price on eBay for brand new with tags!)
I am all about saving a dollar anywhere I can. I think right now especially, most people are. Maternity wear on a budget becomes harder the further into pregnancy you get. So, here is my tip for you Momma's who are wearing your larger bellies loud and proud--short dresses make great maternity shirts.
I saved a ton of money by going this route. I went to Ross and was able to find a ton of cute "short dresses" for around $8 each (talk about a bargain!). Wear them with pants and combined with our growing bellies those dresses instantly turn into cute tops. That's $8 per shirt versus $30+ for actual maternity shirts.
I like to pair them with some "skinny" pants and flats (I am way to clumsy for heels during pregnancy). It's comfy, it's cute, and it satisfies my budget.
My "dress as a top" outfit from yesterday--(excuse the humidity hair!):
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