Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Banana Cat

We expanded our family about a week and a half ago. Audrey's kitten Sparkles was in a freak accident and passed away. SO she wanted a new kitten.
We took her to animal control and let her pick one. She was bound and determined to get a "girl" cat but she ended up picking an orange striped (as Brent say, Garfield) very much a boy kitten.
After getting the kitten, Audrey was sitting in the car going over names. Possibilities included: Milkshake and Butter. But then she declares that he has a name and it is: Banana Cat (I guess she had food on the brain).
So Banana Cat it was and is.
Audrey is learning some responsibility with Banana Cat as she is in charge of his food and water and I think that has been good for her. (Yes I double check behind her ALL the time).
The huskies are not sure about Banana Cat. They want to play with him so bad, but considering he is the size of their paws, that isn't happening. Their whining at him is a solid reminder to me that they just don't think it's fair that they can't play with that new orange toy.
Banana Cat LOVES to eat and he knows exactly when it is time for him to be fed twice a day. If you walk by him first thing in the morning or about five in the evening, he begins talking to you to let you know he is hungry. Any other time he is sleeping or climbing. The cat has a built in clock.
Another unique thing about Banana Cat is his tail. It's like a "half bob tail". It's not completely gone, but it's only like half as long as a normal cat tail. It's kind of cute though.
Hope you enjoy the kitten cuteness!
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  1. I just love kittens!! We added Chippy to our family 8 months or so ago. He auditioned by letting my then 2 year old hold him upside down without a fuss and then coming back for more when she put him down. Being a super inner bred farm cat he is slightly quirky and I've decided he has no cat skills....instinct, sure, but the ability to carry that out, no. LOL. Gotta love pets.

  2. Aww how cute. I am more of a dog person but this one is just so cute!!!

  3. What a cool name!!! We cannot have a cat for a pet as I am allergic.

  4. Awww! We have one who started out looking just like that, but now she's a big fatty (a la Garfield!) and she's more than than orange. I keep telling the kids her orange got stretched out. :D

  5. cute! It's fun to see what random names the kids come up with!

  6. Ooh i love your kitty!! he is sooo adorable!!!! looks like my kitty!

  7. I have a wolf/malamute and they are similar to huskies. They don't mean it, they just have a high prey drive and well, banana kitty looks like perfect prey to them. HAHA :) So cute though.

  8. Banana Cat! Ha Ha now that is a cute name!

  9. Wow! I love cat. That is why I have a blog site for them. If you want this is the link: http://blossomboots.blogspot.com/

  10. What a cute kitten! I love the name Banana Cat....just as long as no one eats him....


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