Monday, April 29, 2013

Family Traditions

Audrey and I have started a new tradition for the two of us. Thursdays are now our Library Day. She has been so excited to visit our Public Library and since deciding on homeschooling, I thought this would be a great thing to do with her each week.

We went last Thursday for the first time and she was so excited. When she woke up that morning she said "Mommy, what day is it?". When I told her "Thursday", she said "It's library day!". (They never forget anything!).

When I got home that afternoon we headed to the library and she was overflowing with excitement. I told her she could pick out five books to read for this week. She very quickly picked her five books and headed to the checkout counter.
When we got home, we sat down and read four of them together and then she had her Daddy read her the fifth book. We have continued to read this group of books and she is already excited about going back this week to exchange them for five new books.

I'm loving our new little traditions and it warms my heart when she gets so excited about them. I am treasuring every little moment with my sweet girl and can't wait for little Cate to join us.
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