Monday, April 8, 2013

Dreaming of Horses

If I've never mentioned it on here before, Audrey LOVES horses. Since she could talk she has shown an interest in them. For a while I figured she would outgrow it, but over three years later horses are still her favorite thing in the world.

We have horse pajamas, horse movies, toy horses--everything is horses!

Her favorite books to read, are guessed it, HORSES!

She definitely got a love for animals from her Momma, but I was never an avid horse lover. I mean I like horses and I think they're gorgeous, it was just not something I ever did until Audrey came along.

I decided recently that she is old enough for me to allow her to begin to pursue this dream of hers. With my new job I get off at twelve on Fridays, so Friday afternoon is our Mommy/Daughter time when I pick something special to do with her.

I'm excited to say that our Friday afternoons will now be spent with her doing her favorite thing in the world while I watch that big grin on her face.

Last Friday was the first lesson for her and I haven't seen her that excited about something in awhile. She kept screaming (and I literally mean screaming) "Mommy, look at me!", "Mommy, I'm doing it by myself!", "Mommy watch me do this!".

I was so happy to see her that excited that I was seriously almost in tears. I love seeing her doing something she loves.

Last night she had one of her baby dolls on her toy horse giving her riding lessons--adorable!

I look forward to spending these afternoons with her and riding with her after the baby comes.

Thank you Ktk Stables for providing my daughter with this experience!!


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