Thursday, April 11, 2013

17 Weeks!

Today I am 17 weeks into my pregnancy. I spent a few minutes of my morning with my husband listening to baby Luker's heartbeat drumming through the Doppler. It is a beautiful sound and one that I really need to hear right now as I quickly approach the point in my pregnancy that I lost Barrett in August.

Barrett was born sleeping at 18 weeks and that is a scary number for me. Because of this I am being a little more obsessive about using my Doppler until I get past that point. Though I have been buying for baby here and there, there are times when it is hard for me to accept that I will have a baby in September. At the same time, every time I hear that heartbeat pounding through or feel those flickers of movement, I get a little more excited. I never felt Barrett move past 16.5 weeks. I just felt this baby about an hour ago.

On Monday afternoon, Brent, Audrey and I will go in for the anatomy scan. This will be the first time Audrey has ever been to an ultrasound and I am so excited for her to see her little sibling. She never got to see Barrett and I hate that.

We are crossing our fingers that we find out the gender on Monday also. Hopefully during the long anatomy scan we will get a peek between the legs! I am ready to call this baby by name and Audrey is looking for confirmation that her gut instincts of a sister are correct. (She says she already has a brother, so she HAS to have a sister this time--we will see!)

If we find out, be looking for a gender reveal on the blog Monday night--if nothing else we will have some new pictures of baby Luker up!

I can't wait to see our precious baby again!


  1. I'll be thinking of you as you past that 18 week mark. I found out at 16 weeks that I had lost my precious baby, and getting past that point in this pregnancy has been relieving, but scary all at the same time.

    Sending positive thoughts and hugs your way! Can't wait to see the gender reveal!

  2. It is great that your pregnancy is going well and I wish you all the very best.You have an adorable daughter. I am sorry you lost Barrett. Thanks for becoming a Follower of my Blog. I am happy to follow back. Have a good day.

  3. Hi Staci,

    Thanks for following. I am now following you, too!! I have a brother, Robby, in heaven. Robby was Mom's firstborn, but he had to go back home before was born. I think he is one of my angels. God bless.


  4. 17 weeks - what an exciting time! Sorry to hear about Barrett, I cannot imagine the pain you must have gone through. xx

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  5. New follower. I love the way you have your blog set up.

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  6. I am always worried too (now at almost 16 weeks)...I know once I FEEL the baby I will be really relieved (:

  7. I stumbled upon your blog through another blog. But I am so glad I have. I love your strength in the Lord and knowing you are strong woman in faith to try for this next lil one. Prayers will be with you as you go for this next check on the baby. I look forward to keeping up with you. I wanted to let you know that I nominated you on the Liebster Award. You can go to my blog @

  8. How fun that Audrey's going to go along to see the Ultrasound. Good luck w/the gender reveal...I hope baby cooperates with it. ;)

  9. Hi there! I have ventured over from No Rules hop. Thrilled to be connecting with someone new!

    XOXO, Mandi @ All My Happy Endings


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