Friday, March 22, 2013

Nesting Fever

Well, I've hit my second trimester and nesting fever has officially set in. I got home from work around one, grabbed a bite to eat, and went to cleaning.

I spent two hours filling bags to give away or throw away. I know two hours doesn't seem that long, but bending over and back up that much with my belly was exhausting. I'll be finishing tomorrow.

The entire time we've been in this house, Audrey has basically had two rooms. She has her bedroom, and then the room that was her nursery has been home to her nursery furniture and toys. Obviously that room will be baby's, so the toys had to find a new home. I cleaned in her room and moved around to accommodate her favorite toys, but we are cleaning out a lot.

I'm really not even sure how she ended up with so many toys--it's ridiculous! We have enough to toys for a small army of children. Well, we did. Several big black garbage bags are leaving our house for good. I'm making room for baby.

I did all of this while Audrey was at school. I'm sure all of you mommas know that you can't get rid of toys with the kids in the house. Suddenly, every toy becomes their favorite toy.

I'm excited to be getting the baby room ready for paint! My plan for the nursery is to paint it gray either way. If it's a girl, I'll accent in turquoise, pink, chocolate, and white. If it's a boy, I'll accent in navy, hunter green, and white. And I can finally start working on all of the nursery projects I've pinned on Pinterest!

Pinterest Projects I'm looking at for both genders (I'm going for a vintage look either way):


  1. I've had some moments of "need to get rid of everything NOW" also. =] If only my energy and body could accomodate me! Some of those pintest ideas are super cute. Our new baby, being number 5 to need space in our home, is going to have a crib in one room, a dresser in another, and a changing area in yet another. Haha. Oh well.

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  3. I loved that nesting time. Looking forward to seeing your progress, and I love that you chose gray for the paint.

    I'm visiting from Deezy's. :)

  4. That closet is ADORABLE! What a fun idea and really looks pretty do-able too. Now to find some time...
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