Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hey, Jack!

For those of you who know me in "real life", you know I am some kind of obsessed with Duck Dynasty. I am faithful to tune in every Wednesday night, and I will watch the same reruns over and over any time that I can talk my husband into it. I can see an episode a hundred times and laugh just as much that 101st time as I did on the night it premiered.

It's no secret that Duck Dynasty is a funny show. I don't know how anyone could get through ten minutes of it without laughing at Jase's take on Willie's manliness, Phil's philosophies, or Si's antics and words of wisdom.

I love to laugh so the comedy of the show is of course one reason that I love it, but it's not the main reason. I can turn Duck Dynasty on in my living room and never have to worry about what my four year old who repeats everything might hear come out of their mouths. The worst thing she could repeat is:

But, hey Jack, that's pretty good advice!

I love Duck Dynasty for their family values. Yes, Sadie may send a lot of texts, but she ends up doing a day's worth of work over it. They teach their kids values- from hard work to dating advice- and it's good to see. At the end of every show, the entire family sits down and eats together--they don't take off to different corners to eat and watch TV. American families are missing a lot of that these days. There are too many distractions in our lives and I love that Duck Dynasty, despite their fame, take it back to the basics and display real family values.

I love Phil's philosophies and I'll let him speak for himself:

And then there's Si. Who doesn't love Si? I think they should have one entire episode of Si just sitting on a stool and talking.

And of course there is Jase and his Redneck insight:

But here is the real reason I love Duck Dynasty (I'll let Phil explain for you):

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