Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Making Changes

Today is day two without Facebook for me. In this technological world, I am going backwards. It was definitely an adjustment to not get on Facebook last night and post a big Roll Tide!, but I have to say I am loving the change. I think eventually I will go back to Facebook, but I needed a break.

A lot of you have asked me why I made this decision, so I will explain. No, I do not think Facebook is evil. I think Facebook is what you make it. It can be an incredible tool for reaching others and keeping up with family and friends, or it can be used to spread evil--like I said, it is what you make it.

For me, it had become a distraction. It's on my phone and my iPad and so I was constantly getting texts or notifications every single time someone sent me a message or commented on something or tagged me, and on and on--you get it. It just hit me lately that I was way too connected. Sometimes I just want some quiet time and it's hard to do that when you are permanently connected to the world. I thought about just taking it off of my phone or iPad, but I decided against that. I decided to challenge myself.

I challenged myself to go at least three months without it--at the end of those three months I'll decide to either activate it again, continue my "Facebook absence". During those three months, anytime I feel like I would get on Facebook to read, I am going to pick up my Bible or one of my books instead. The time I spent on Facebook, I'm giving to God.

"When our quiet times have become hurried, how can we expect to give God the adoration that is His due? How can we receive the guidance that God is waiting to give? How can our hearts catch the glow of divine fire? How can we have deep fellowship with those purposes that are really nearest to the heart of God?" 
Gordon M. Guinness

I felt like if I didn't completely deactivate my account that I would still be tempted to get on the computer or Safari on my iPad and check it. If you're going to do something, go all out.

I also want to say Thank you to everyone who has messaged and emailed to check on me and to tell me you are praying--I truly appreciate it. I have been feeling fine the last two days, just still really tired. Mostly, I am nervous about upcoming doctor appointments.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
Philippians 4:6

I've written this verse on an index card to carry around with me in the coming days. It is a reminder I really need right now. Giving it to God--thank you for your prayers.

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