Friday, January 4, 2013

All About Audrey

I told you I would get to Audrey's birthday later, so here it is. Tomorrow, my beautiful daughter turns four. I am fighting back crocodile tears right now as I type this. I have spent the last hour looking through pictures from when she was born until now. I just can't believe she will be four tomorrow and will start big girl school this year. I just want a little more time to cherish each of these moments.

Audrey is the light of my life. She can make me smile on my worst days. I cannot even describe how much her presence blesses my life each day. I love to hear the things she tells me--that she puts so much thought into--like yesterday when she asked me if I was in Bethlehem when baby Jesus was born. Of course I'm thinking I'm not that old! But it was so sweet because the reason she asked was that she really wanted to know what baby Jesus looked like.

She loves to tell the Christmas story since reading about it in Sunday school. I cannot even describe how much it has blessed me to hear her tell her version:

The wise men brought baby Jesus gifts. Mary and Joseph were good parents. The angel told everyone where baby Jesus was. Then baby Jesus grew up and told everyone about God.

That is exactly how she told it to me yesterday. I love that last part. Reminds me of what we are to do.

My sweet girl has that smile that can brighten a room. Her laughter is the sweetest sound--and she laughs wholeheartedly. You can hear her anywhere in the house and I LOVE it. Those squeals of delight remind me how blessed we are. She sings all the time just like her momma--I treasure each time she serenades me.

I also want to take a moment to thank all of the people who are helping us to shape our daughter. Mrs. Debbie, Mrs, Sonya, NokNok, and all of her teachers at school--she adores all of you. Many days you see her more than I do. Thank you for loving my baby.

One of my favorite Audrey quotes about Mrs. Debbie--

Mrs. Debbie is really smart. She knows a lot about Jesus.

Thank you to our wonderful, loving church family. It brings tears to my eyes on Sunday morning when Audrey bounces out of bed to ask me "Mommy is it church day?". Church is her absolute favorite place to go and I could not be more thankful for that. When we get home from lunch she will ask me a hundred times "is it time to go back to church for 'night church'?". Mrs. Donna--she adores you and cannot wait to see you at church every morning--she tells me every Sunday "I hope Mrs. Donna is at church today!". She tells everyone about Mrs. Donna at church. Again, thank you for loving my baby.

Thank you to our family, and to our friends who might as well be family. Your support is such a blessing!

Before I lose control of these tears I am fighting, I'm going to end this post. Here are some pictures of Audrey through the last four years.

Month before she was born


  1. adorable~! babies just grew so fast.


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