Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thoughts for Today

Have you ever had something happen that you knew would change your life? It would change the way you think, affect how you trust people, and at points it would consume you. People will tell you all the time to not worry about what other people think. But though we say that over and over, we can't help but worry about what other people think--what they say and how they will react. It's human nature.

There are times in our lives where we will face a huge mountain. As you are standing at the base of that mountain, you look at the different paths that you can take to climb it. You analyze each one and the possible outcomes of each. In fact, we probably over analyze them. It's a big decision. Either path will forever alter your life and you have to decide how you want to be changed--you have to decide which way to rock the boat.

You know which path is the right path, but you also know that people will hate you for going that way. It is a hard path. People will say untrue things about you and will forever be out of your life. The other path won't make anyone mad, but it is a dangerous path and in the end will be even harder on yourself--but you have to weigh the fact that on the surface things would be easier because the boat would remain still. Either way, you will never be the same. Why is it so hard to take the right path? Why do we care so much about what people will say or think? It is so hard to do the right thing when you know that it will make you unpopular and people will hate you for it.

To do the right thing knowing that people will hate you for it, takes an unspeakable amount of courage.

You hate the fact that this mountain in your life will forever define you in the minds of some people, but you can't change that. People tell you it's not your fault, but there is always that overbearing voice telling you it is your fault--that it has to be your fault. There must be something you did to cause this mountain to land in your path. At times, it doesn't seem real. Surely I am imagining this because it couldn't be real. But the scars, both physical and emotional, serve as a constant reminder that this is very real. Nothing I do can erase it or make it easier.

I know this seems like the most random post ever, but I have been struggling with some different things and just needed to get some thoughts out and clear my mind--if you are going through something similar, you are in my prayers.

Until next time.....

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  1. Thinking of you, Staci as you head into this next phase of your life. I know it's a tough decision you're making... but, with prayer... God will help keep you strong and get you through it. I will be sending my prayers for you as well. You are an amazing woman and I know you will take the right path for you!!


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