Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Special Day

Today my little family went to visit our missing piece. I was very excited about visiting Barrett's grave today because I found out yesterday that his marker had been placed. I absolutely could not wait to see it.

I feel kind of crazy being so excited about a grave marker, but that is part of my new normal. It was so important for me. That is just one way that his name will live on beyond me. Anyone that visits that cemetery after I am gone will still read my baby boy's name.

You have to understand that although my son is not here with me, I still desire to care for him and protect him. I care for him by taking things to him. I take a card every time I go and I take him things that I so badly desire to give him (like his first Christmas stocking). I take care of him by making sure his resting place is taken care of and beautiful. That is why this was so important to me and why I was so excited about it. I am so happy that it was placed before Christmas. That was an amazing gift for this mom.

I want to take a minute to talk about protecting my son as well. I will answer one question for you--no, I will not publicly share pictures of Barrett on the internet. There have been many recent reports of people taking these images and using them to get free items from baby loss organizations that they can then turn around and sell. It is sad, but I am praying for these people. In saying that, this is one of the few ways I can still protect my boy. I won't take a chance on him being used that way. Please be careful with who you share images of your angel with.

I wanted to share a few pictures of his marker and I also wanted to share a song I heard tonight. The song is called Strong Enough by Matthew West. I can't even describe how much I needed to hear this song tonight. So many times I will turn on the radio to hear a song that is speaking to however I am feeling that day. This song could not have been more perfect today:


  1. Barrett's grave marker is beautiful, you are such a good mother! I plan on getting a grave marker when we move back to Maine and we are out of the military. We his ashes at home but I would like a place to visit and have his name live on. I even want to look into getting a family plot so we can all be together. I'm also very protective about Jack's pictures. I will only post pictures of his feet/hands because I fear that someone will disrespect his memory by taking them without my permission. You see, I'm also a protective Momma bear!


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