Thursday, November 22, 2012


This was supposed to be a happy week, but I was reminded again that very quickly worlds can be changed in a matter of seconds. I have so much to be thankful for and at the same time, I am incredibly ready for this year to be over. It has definitely been the hardest year ever; mostly the last few months.

This Thanksgiving day, I'd like to ask all of you to pray for a very special family and their little boy Landon. Landon was in an accident Tuesday. You can visit the Pray for Landon Brice Rolison Facebook page by CLICKING HERE.

I love this little boy and the constant smile on his face. It's impossible to hold a smile back when he walks in the room. I love hearing what he has to say when he comes to the store where I work in the afternoons. He is a precious, precious little boy.

This year, Landon has reminded me what Thanksgiving is all about. It's not about the food, or the shopping, or getting ready to put up Christmas decorations. It's about looking around at all the blessings you have and giving praise to God for them. It's an attitude we should have every day. It is AMAZING to me how much I take for granted every single day. I have a whole new perspective on the holidays. I had planned on eating lunch and then going Black Friday shopping, but now none of that seems to matter. It's just not important. I'm looking forward to some stripped down holidays the rest of this year. No presents or worrying what we will eat....just spending time with the people I love and praising God for the opportunity to do so; spending time praising God for the gift of salvation and the blessings He places in our lives every day.

Since Tuesday I have been in constant prayer. Not a second has gone by that Landon's beautiful smile hasn't crossed my mind.

Landon, so many people have pulled together in prayer for you! I love you SO much and I desperately want to see your smile again. Still praying--


  1. I am sorry things have been so hard. Hurts and hard lessons. I have been praying for this boy too Staci and I wish nothing but the best for you too. Try to still do some of the things you like doing as we still have to live but you are right...everything else seems less important when tragedy occurs. Prayers!!


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