Monday, November 12, 2012

Giving Back

On Thursday I posted about visiting Le Bonheur Children's Hospital and what an amazing place it was. I also posted about the Forrest Spence Fund and the amazing work they do within the hospital. I mentioned that not only do these two groups go above and beyond for the children, but also for their families. Often times, this includes siblings.

One of the great things about Le Bonheur's is the family rooms they have on each floor for the children and their siblings where they can play with toys and gaming systems. There is a room called the "Forrest Sibling Room" where siblings can play under supervision giving parents time to spend with their sick child without the worry of childcare.

The Forrest Spence Fund distributes care packages to these families. These include children's books for the children and their siblings to enjoy.

Myself and a friend will be collecting children's books for the Forrest Spence Fund and toys for family rooms on the 9th floor of Le Bonheur's. These books and toys MUST be new. I cannot stress that enough. It is very important that the items donated to these children be new.

While many of us are home celebrating the holidays with our families, so many are celebrating holidays in the hospital with a child who is sick. I am so excited about the opportunity to give back to this amazing hospital and put a smile on the faces of some beautiful children!

If you are local and want to donate, contact me on Facebook or email me at

If you want to send a donation and are not local, NEW children's books can be sent to:

Independent Presbyterian Church,
 c/o Forrest Spence Fund Book Drive, 
4738 Walnut Grove Road - 
Memphis, TN 38117. 
Please just make sure they are marked clearly for the Forrest Spence Fund and your information is included on the inside.


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