Sunday, November 25, 2012

For Barrett

If I had the chance to tell you
"I love you" one more time
I'd shout it from the rooftops
Tell the whole world that you're mine

If I had the chance to rock you
In that wooden rocking chair
I'd sing you soft, sweet lullabies
And run my fingers through your hair

If I had the chance to hold you
For just a moment more

I'd take in every inch of you                           
I'd kiss you over and over

If I had the chance to carry you
Once again inside of me
I'd lay so still and feel each kick
Cherish every second you're with me

If I had the chance to speak to you
The chance to see your face again
I feel that words would fail me
So I would cry with you instead

I won't get these chances again
Because you left so soon
So I'll cherish the time I had with you
Until we meet again....


I love hearing from you :)