Sunday, September 30, 2012

Missing You Today

Tears falling down my face
The first time that I saw you
Another little angel
That I could hold onto
I had so many dreams for you
I prayed, and hope, and planned
For God to send us a little man
To have, to hold, and to watch grow old

And then came the day we found 
God had answered all our prayers
A little boy on the ultrasound
Showed We had our little man
We listened to your heart 
And watched you squirm around
I laughed, I cried, and I thanked God
For my little man

I couldn't wait to hold you
And rock you to sleep at night
I dreamed of playing ball with you
And bought clothes all covered in blue
My second little angel
Being Sent down from above
Mom and daddy's hearts were already full of love

But soon the joy we felt
Was snatched right from our arms
We had no time to understand
Why our boy was so soon gone

Things happened all so fast
No one knew how to feel
Sorrow, sadness, emptiness 
Our little man had suddenly
Become God's angel instead

So until I see your face again
Know that momma misses you
The tears are falling once again
But I know that one day they'll be gone
And I'll see my little man again

It won't take me long to find you,
I'll know you instantly
And I'll run to you with open arms
And cover you in love

I'll tell you all about 
The joy you've brought to me
How many lives you touched
And how God used you to change me

And then I'll listen anxiously
As you tell me all about 
The Savior I have longed to see,
The One you already know so well


I love hearing from you :)