Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lessons Learned

My daughter learned a lesson this afternoon. I picked her up as usual and when we got home, she saw the mail truck drive by the house. She runs up to me begging to go check the mail. So, we walk down to the mailbox and when I opened it, I fell to the ground. I sat there by my daughter on the curb and I cried. Rather, I bawled. Less than 2 weeks after Barrett became an angel, my mailbox continues to be filled with yarn everyday along with people who have brought it by or sent it our way. Today, your generosity overwhelmed me.

The lesson Audrey learned is that sometimes grown ups cry because they are just that happy. She kept asking me what was wrong. I finally got myself together enough to tell her that nothing was wrong. Mommy was just happy.

Right in my front yard, I was brought to my knees by your generosity--the generosity of people who have watched us grow up, acquaintances, and people who only know us through this blog. In the process, my daughter is learning another lesson. Though, at the age of three she doesn't quite understand everything, one day she will. One day, she will see what God has done through her little brother. She will see what God can do. She will see just how caring, thoughtful, generous, and loving people can be.

I feel like in today's world, we so often focus on all the bad that goes on. We focus on the crime and the horrible sin our world embraces. Sometimes, I think we forget the good. We forget that there are still people willing to touch the heart of another person, often times a complete stranger.

I know that I can never say thank you enough. I do not have enough time on this earth or enough breath in my lungs to say it enough to equal what I feel. But I sure can try. So, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you.

Completed Blanket #4
The past week and a half, my husband and I have felt a lot of things. We have hurt, we have been broken, we have been amazed, we have been grateful, but most of all, we have felt loved. That is one thing that you and our Father in heaven have never let us forget.

In all of this, God has taught me some amazing things. He has taught me that He can use anyone to glorify Him and advance His kingdom, including my son who never even took a breath on this earth but has done more in 12 days than I have done in almost 22 years. He has taught me to never underestimate the generosity of people. He has taught me that sometimes Satan makes a big mistake when he chooses to attack a believer--because when he attacked our family, our family in Christ pulled together in the biggest way I have ever experienced.


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