Monday, August 20, 2012

We're Expanding! (Pregnancy Diary)

Not only is the Luker family expanding, but so am I! I have gained a whopping 7 pounds! I absolutely love food right now--everything looks good, and if I am craving it, I cannot stop thinking about it until I get some! (Right now all I can think about is Krispy Kreme, so the hubby can expect a pit stop there soon). One thing I have done with this pregnancy is take belly photos every week. I love seeing how my belly is growing and changing!

I had a wee little bump at 8 weeks that I think was probably more bloat than baby, but we will count it. I was mighty proud of that little bump! I was eating overtime to still gain weight despite morning sickness, so bloat or baby, it was a bump! At this point, it was really starting to sink in that we were adding one more to our little family. Our little family wouldn't be so little anymore. Audrey was excited to be a big sister, but at this point she only wanted a girl, and she only wanted to name her Caroline (her cousin's name).

At ten weeks, I started getting a real bump! I was so excited, and counting down the days to the second trimester. The first trimester blues were getting to me and I was so ready to just have some ENERGY again! I think by the time I hit the second trimester, I had forgotten what energy felt like! Laundry, dishes? Who has time for that? I just wanted to SLEEP! At week 10, Audrey still wanted a girl and she still wanted to name her Caroline.

Twelve weeks rolled around and I was finally starting to feel a little better. The energized days of the second trimester were in sight! Now, I started wanting to nest and begin to get things ready for baby. We got Audrey moved into her new big girl room and got it all painted for her (Well, the hubby did, I just picked out the color!). Audrey was still trying to figure out why it takes so long for the baby to come. Does she really have to wait until her birthday? We just reminded her it takes a long time for the baby to grow big enough to come home with us. She still wants a girl named Caroline!

Well, fourteen weeks rolled around, and the second trimester is finally here! I have a certified baby bump and am feeling amazing! At this point, I was starting to drive myself crazy wondering if baby was a boy or a girl. Either way, I was going to be excited for different reasons. It was just driving me crazy not knowing! I wanted to start planning for him/her! I was desperate to really start "nesting". The countdown is on though. This was just 2 weeks before we would find out about our little miracle. This week, Audrey decided she wanted a little brother and she wanted to name him William.

Sixteen weeks, and it's a boy! We couldn't have been happier about welcoming a son to our family and Audrey was ecstatic that she was getting her brother. It took us awhile to convince her that his name would be Barrett and not William, but she has come around. I keep imagining how big my belly will be in about 20 weeks and it seems like such a short time for it to grow so much! This pregnancy is flying by!

18 week update tomorrow=almost halfway there!


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